Mais que Linguas


Help young learners to practise their English language skills in a fun, interactive way with our new Minecraft world.

Explore our world built in Minecraft

Built in Minecraft, our award-winning world helps young learners practise their English skills while they have fun. Adventures in English with Cambridge will give children of all ages a language learning experience they will never forget!

For A1 level learners

With a focus on real-life communication and vocabulary skills, Adventures in English with Cambridge helps develop skills at A1 level and above of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). Created by world-leading assessment experts from Cambridge in collaboration with Minecraft, children can learn new words, get creative and solve problems through the power of play.

The adventure starts now!

Inspiring children to learn English at home, our Minecraft world can be played on any device. From desktop and tablet to games consoles, you can explore our world anywhere! It encourages learners to complete fun puzzles, meet new characters, and solve mysteries while they learn to use new words. Children can also repeat the game as many times as they like, so they can continue to develop new skills and build their confidence.

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